1. RISC-V Linux in LiteX/Rocket on FPGA Arty A7-100T

Based on Linux on LiteX with a 64-bit RocketChip CPU on Github, build an SoC using liteX and RocketChip on Xilinx FPGA board Arty A7-100T and run 64-bit Linux.

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2. [JASA 1C1] SoC Harness Functions - Caravel SoC

This guide is designed to assist you in the process of bringing up the Caravel board with Google MPW-6 (Marmot1) M.2 card, ensuring that it operates as expected and is ready for further development and testing.

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3. [JASA 1C2] SoC Harness Functions User Logic Debug - Caravel SoC

To evaluate the feasibility of realizing the JASA Chip 1 using eFabless design and manufacturing processes, we will assess the "user circuit debug function" using the "Marmot1" logic placed in the MPW-6 open project area. This evaluation involves creating a Caravel program and testing its functionality. By running "Marmot1" on MPW-6, we aim to demonstrate the design flow intended for use in JASA Chip 1.

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